MURRAY - The Need Line Pantry is in need of fresh produce, load bread and milk. Cleaning and personal hygiene items needed are toilet paper, dish liquid, shampoo and men and women’s deodorant. 

For the month of May, Need Line serviced 1,963 applications with food going to 1,922 and utility assistance to 29. The children’s back pack bags were distributed to 753. Also serviced were 121 for unemployment assistance, 1,821 for inadequate income assistance, and four for homelessness.

The CSFP Senior Day pick up drive-thru is from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Thursday, June 17, and the Need Line office will be closed on this day to assist more than 300 CSFP seniors.

If you need food, please pull up to the front parking area and someone will come out to your car to assist you. Please have proof of residency.

Need Line, at 509 North Eighth St., is open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday for client assistance. For questions or information, call 270-767-9110.

Monetary donations are accepted and appreciated. Need Line is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. You can designate your donation to help any of the following programs: pantry foods, children weekend Back Pack program, senior food program, homeless/transient food program, utility assistance, cleaning and hygiene program, transportation program and medical program (glasses, out of town medical transportation, life sustaining medication), or your can designate your donation to be used where needed the most.

Need Line is a community and church cooperative ministry and a nonprofit social service agency of Murray and Calloway County. Need Line is not funded by the state or federal government.

If interested in volunteering at Need Line, stop in and ask for a volunteer application. Once the application is complete, our volunteer coordinator will call for an interview.

Need Line’s Hot-B-Not program starts June 14 through July 16. There are families in our community who do not have air conditioning. We are asking help by donations of fans. New fans may be dropped off at the Need Line Building at 509 N. Eighth St.