Note: A reminder to watch “American Pickers” at 8 p.m. Monday, June 10, to catch the episode when the pickers visit Howard and Ruth Brandon in Murray. According to the information given to Howard, their episode is to be shown at this time and date. I am looking forward to seeing the show.

Remembering Dot Emerson

Murray lost another longtime citizen this week in Dot Emerson. Most of you might remember Dot and her late husband Tom, who owned the Dairy Queen for many years. You would very rarely see Tom working behind the window, but you would see Dot there often.

I adored Dot Emerson. She was the type of person who would “tell you like it was,” but I actually admired that about her and, at least to me, she was never rude. In fact, I can remember laughing hysterically at some of her remarks over the years.

Many years ago, Dot had a poodle which she adored. At that time, I also had a poodle. She called one day to ask if I would consider letting her breed the two dogs. Her dog had never had a liter of pups and she decided she would try to breed her at least once. She came and picked up my dog and kept him for most of the day. When she returned my dog, she said she would let me know, and a few weeks later she called to let me know her dog was pregnant.

This was my first experience in breeding any kind of animal and I remember her telling me how long it would be before her dog gave birth to the puppies – but, as life goes on, I forgot all about this event.

My poodle slept on top of the bed at my feet every night without exception and never bothered anyone until the morning.

One night, he began to pace up and down the hallway and whine. I let him outside, but that didn’t seem to be the problem. All I could think of was he was sick, but I wasn’t sure what was wrong and since it was the middle of the night, I didn’t want to try to get in touch with a veterinarian. He continued to pace and whine until it was time for me to get up and prepare for work.

I happened to think about Dot’s dog and thought why not call her just to check. When I called her she asked, “How did you know?” And I remember asking her, “Know what?”

She informed me that she had to call the veterinarian in the middle of the night because her dog was trying to give birth. As it turned out, her dog had one large puppy, and even with the veterinarian’s assistance, the puppy died. When I told her how my dog had acted all night she was in as much shock as I was.

Never again did my dog behave in that way. Somehow he knew his offspring was being born and was in trouble. Over the years, this was a conversation Dot and I had many times because no matter how much time had gone by, we were still in disbelief at what had transpired that night.

Tom, Dot’s husband, had died many years ago and they have one daughter, Susan. I understand that Susan is in the hospital in Nashville and was there when her mother passed away and was unable to be with her. It just seems sometimes life becomes just “too complicated.”

I had not seen Dot in a few years as her health had declined. She was at Spring Creek Health Care, and when I was there doing interviews with Popeye Ross, he told me Dot would occasionally walk by his room. I was hoping I would see her while I was there, but I did not. Now I wished I had made a point to go to her room to at least say hello.

Visiting with Popeye, I see how most of the residents of Spring Creek look forward to having company. I am sure many of you, like myself, could take the time to do that more often. Life just becomes so hectic and we become wrapped up in our own lives and we don’t always stop to think about spending a little of our time with someone who would really appreciate a visit. I am going to try to be better about this.

I do continue to visit with Jimmy and Dot Rickman. As I have said before, if I don’t go by to visit every few weeks, I will get a phone call asking me where have I been or I will hear this little voice in the back of my mind asking me that same question and I know it is time for a visit. Jimmy is still able to get out a little, but mostly he spends time in his chair at home. He enjoys a frequent visit and I enjoy visiting with he and Dot.

Venturing into CBD oil usage

I have shared with you from time to time about my back issues. I have some information that might be helpful to those who are trying to cope with with back, knee, hip or other “issues.”

A friend, who also has back problems caused by arthritis and is unable to walk much distance because of the pain, shared with me a month or so ago that she had been taking CBD oil and it had helped her. I remember chuckling at this information because, from what I had read, it seemed to claim to help with any type of ailment one had, and I wasn’t impressed with those claims. But she insisted it had helped her and suggested I might give it a try.

I had a doctor’s appointment right after that and I asked about CBD oil. My doctor suggested I ask the pharmacist because of other medication I take. I did and was told they didn’t think it would interfere with my other prescriptions, especially no more than I would be taking.

If you have looked into CBD oil, you will find that seemingly anyone and everyone is selling it. I had no clue where to even start to find what I needed, basically because I had no idea what I needed. I researched and read online about this product and found a website that seemed reputable and decided to order one bottle.

It arrived a few days later and I began to take the recommended dosage.

I am here to tell the entire population of Calloway County (or those who read this column) that it has, indeed, helped with my back. It has eased the pain associated with walking some distance or doing any type of work in the yard or house. I can now walk without a distinct limp, which I have not been able to do in over a year.

I have finished taking my first bottle and I have reordered again from the same website, but this time, I thought I would try it in pill form. I was taking the 300 mg dosage, which was cherry-flavored. I did not detect much of a cherry flavor, but the oil was tasteless. I understand from others that if you do not get the flavored oil, it can taste a lot like grass.

I should receive my pills by the end of the week and I increased the dosage to 500 mg. I was taking the oil twice a day, so I will see if taking one pill of 500 mg will be sufficient.

I am not sure how it stacks up to all that it claims to cure or help, but I can say, for me, it has decreased the pain and irritation caused by my back and I seem to also be sleeping better without interruptions.

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