PRINCETON – The American Soybean Association’s longest-running leadership program, Young Leaders, was founded in 1984 and continues to set the bar for leadership training in agriculture, identifying and training new, innovative and engaged growers to serve as the voice of the American farmer. 

The Kentucky Soybean Association has participated in this program since its inception, and many past participants have made their mark in soybean leadership here in Kentucky. Those familiar with the state organization may recognize the names of past Young Leaders including Dan Hardaway, Bob White, John Burns, Tim Hughes, Steve Stanley, Mike Burchett, Darren Luttrell, Clint Voils, Aaron Reding, Ryan Bivens, Bill Clift, Jed Clark, Sam Hancock, Caleb Ragland, Quint Pottinger, Andy Alford, Ben Furnish, Brennan Gilkison, Adam Hendricks, Clay Wells,  Anna Reding, Houston Howlett, Daniel Adams and Matt Gajdzik – all of whom have served or currently serve on the Kentucky Soybean Association board. 

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