'Angel Has Fallen'

In the third of the series, Secret Service Agent Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) is now head of President Trumbull’s (Morgan Freeman) detail and soon to be announced as new Secret Service director. His wife, Leah (Piper Perabo), and their daughter, Lynn, are happy and healthy, but Mike is hiding medical issues from his previous injuries; migraines and blurred vision from numerous concussions and severe disk compressions in his back, which could cause paralysis if re-injured. He is popping pain killers like Tic Tacs. All appears well when Special Ops friend and now defense contractor Wade Jennings (Danny Huston) comes over for a visit and family barbecue. But that is about to change. 

While on a fishing trip with the president, he is attacked by a swarm of armed drones and the entire Secret Service detail is killed; only Mike and the president are spared. Rushed to the hospital, Mike is shaken up, but the president is in a coma and Vice President Kirby (Tim Blake Nelson) is sworn in as president. Mike awakens, cuffed to the hospital bed with FBI Special Agent Thompson (Jada Pinkett Smith) ready to question him. Confused that his detail is dead and about the president’s condition, Mike is charged with leading the assassination attempt, as his DNA is in the vehicles used by the killers and $10 million  has been found in his name in an off shore account. Simultaneously, Leah is being interrogated, as her DNA has been found as well and she is told of the money and drugs with Mike’s name on them. She denies any knowledge of the situation, but is troubled as to why Mike has hidden his medical condition from her.

Due to the public outcry and media attention, Leah and the baby are put under house arrest and Mike is being transferred from the hospital to a safe location while the investigation continues. But Mike knows he is being set up but by who and why? During transfer, the SUV and escort vehicles are attacked by unknown commandos and Mike is taken. He attacks and kills them causing an accident and escapes. Where can he go? The World is looking for him. 

Meanwhile, acting President Kirby is advised that the Russians have mobilized and that it appears they may be behind the assassination attempt. He wants to retaliate, but the Cabinet is reluctant and reason prevails for now. After stealing and changing vehicles several times, Mike appears at a cabin in the woods of West Virginia. He is met by a grizzled old man with a white beard and a rifle. It is his father, Clay Banning (Nick Nolte), former Vietnam Tunnel Rat who deserted Mike and his mother decades earlier. Mike asks to stay while he comes up with a plan to clear himself and save the president (Morgan Freeman) from a second assassination attempt.

There are so many questions in this latest addition. Who wants to discredit and frame Mike? Are the Russians really trying to kill the president, and why? Who is behind the army of commandos trying to kill the president and Mike? Will Mike’s estranged father help him? The movie is filled with twists and turns as these questions are answered and more are posed. Unlike the previous films, which focused on the president’s survival in a global setting, this one is more personal and looks at the backstory of Mike Banning, the foundation of his staunch patriotism, family history and emotional baggage. It is a personal drama of problems with which we can all identify. It’s a wild ride of car chases, explosions, deception and betrayal to the finish, but all shall be revealed. See it!

“Angel Has Fallen” is rated R for violence and language throughout. 

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