After being brought back from the dark abyss in “Avengers: Endgame” and helping to save the world, Peter Parker, 17 year old teenager, wants nothing more than to spend time with his best friend, Ben, his Aunt May, and finally tell M.J. how he feels about her. What better place to do this but on a summer field trip to Europe? But this is the Marvel Universe and things are never that simple. Packing his suitcase, the group’s first stop is in Venice but things change  quickly and our friendly neighborhood Spiderman has a new neighborhood to save.

Otherworldly “Elementals,” representing Earth, Fire, Water and Air, are tearing the planet apart and a new hero “Mysterio” is on the scene to defeat them. When Nick Fury and Mysterio ask for his help, Peter is reluctant, questioning if he is ready to take up the mantel left to him by his mentor and friend, Tony Stark. But then, at every town he and his tour group go, the Elementals and Mysterio show up. Accidental? Not in the Marvel universe!

At two hours and nine minutes, it is a long one. Cut 40 minutes of endless disaster, explosions, and devastations of our world capitols and the cinematography would shine. Relationships would have a chance to grow and Nick Fury and Peter might have a chance to finish a conversation without endless swooping in from outer space.  Really, how many drones is enough?

The bottom line between all the debris, mayhem and disaster  is that Peter Parker has a decision to make. Much like all young people. When is the right time to step up and grow up and be just a bit more responsible? It happens at different ages in each of our lives based on too many factors to begin to list. For some, it is in order to achieve a personal goal, to help in a family emergency, support a project in your community or to serve our country in time of war. But step up we all must and watching Peter Parker go from adolescent to young adult is worth an afternoon at the movies! 

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