In a hidden universe, dolls are chosen for a single special kid. However, dolls that are deformed get thrown into the remote town of Uglyville, where everyone is happy and at peace.  In Uglyville, an idealistic and optimistic doll named Moxy (Kelly Clarkson) dreams of the ‘Big World’ and getting chosen for a child, despite the fact that Uglyville’s Mayor Ox (Blake Shelton) tells her that it is a myth. 

After getting advice from the village “wise man” Lucky Bat (Wang Leehom), she decides to enter the hole where new Ugly Dolls are dropped off to see if it leads to the Big World. With the help of Lucky Bat and her other friends, easy-going Ugly Dog (Pitbull), cynical baker Wage (Wanda Sykes), and strong, soft-spoken Babo (Gabriel Iglesias) Moxy finds Perfection! The Institute of Perfection, that is, where dolls go through a number of tests, culminating in an obstacle course to be matched with their perfect child. 

The Institute’s leader, a suave yet superficial perfect doll named Lou (Nick Jonas) soon meets the Ugly Dolls, but states that they can’t participate since they fall short of perfection, but Moxy’s optimism persuades Lou. Once in the dorms, they are befriended by another perfect doll named Mandy (Janelle Monae), who is more accepting of the Ugly Dolls and has poor eyesight, yet refuses to wear glasses for fear of being labelled “imperfect.” 

The Ugly Dolls’ first few days of training for the Gauntlet end up disastrously as they are constantly put in a small washing machine for the smallest mistake. Eventually, they decide to try and dress up like perfect dolls to have a better chance at going to the Big World. Lou sends the Spy Girls, a trio of ruthless female perfect dolls consisting of Tuesday (Bebe Rexha), Kitty (Charli XCX), and Lydia (Lizzo), to kidnap Ox. Ox confesses that he and Lou used to be friends who trained for the Gauntlet until Ox fell short and was banished to Uglyville. Ox decides to keep the Big World a secret from the Ugly Dolls to protect them from being judged. When Moxy finds out, completely demoralized, she decides to abandon her quest for the Big World and return to Uglyville. 

Back at Uglyville, every Ugly Doll has become demoralized after news of Moxy’s adventure is reported. As Moxy resigns herself to a lifetime of sadness and self-loathing, Mandy visits her and convinces her that it doesn’t matter what Lou says about her or any other Ugly Doll since she believed that there was a child for everyone. With her confidence renewed, Moxy decides to be in the Gauntlet after all, but she and Mandy are kidnapped by the Spy Girls on orders from Lou and put them in a recycling bin underneath Uglyville. As Moxy and Mandy try to escape, the Ugly Dolls come to their rescue and they head to the institute to compete in the Gauntlet, much to chagrin, of Lou. 

Will every Ugly Doll find their special child? Will Lou continue to sabotage their efforts so they will never cross the Finish Line? Will the other dolls in Perfection learn to accept the Ugly Dolls? With the voices of pop stars and an unusually good sound track, that will probably drive parents crazy by the end of the summer, “Ugly Dolls” is a wonderful lesson for children that looks can be deceiving, everyone is beautiful in their own way, and that everyone should all get along in peace and harmony. It would appear to be a great many life lessons for 1 hour and 27 minutes! 

“Ugly Dolls” is rated PG for thematic elements and brief action. 

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