This week CCPL Great Summer Reads spotlights Miss Julia Takes the Wheel by Ann B. Ross. 

Miss Julia is not pleased when she learns that her regular doctor is going on an extended vacation and leaving a replacement to take care of his practice while he and his wife are away.  While Miss Julia is glad that Dr. Hargrove will be getting a much-needed break, and she rarely ever has a need to visit him; she feels better knowing her own doctor is there if she should need him. And, after all, what do any of them know about Dr. Don Crawford?  

When Julia hosts a dinner party to welcome Dr. Crawford and his wife Lauren, she and Sam find him to be a charismatic, charming man, which is a stark contrast to his wife, Lauren, who is a pale, socially awkward young women.  Hazel Marie and Binkie however, pick up on some of Dr. Crawford's less palatable qualities.   Meanwhile, Lloyd is now a teenager with a learner’s permit and his first car.  LuAnne has divorced her philandering husband of thirty years and has started a new job as the receptionist at the Good Shepherd Funeral Home.  Clearly with so much going on with her nearest and dearest, Miss Julia has enough to worry about, but something is just not right about the Crawfords—and she won’t rest until she gets to the bottom of it. 

Miss Julia Takes the Wheel offers readers a fun-filled return visit to Abbotsville and the opportunity to “catch up” with Miss Julia. It is highly recommended for readers who enjoy humorous stories with southern appeal.  

Ann B. Ross is a New York Times bestselling author of more than twenty novels featuring the Southern heroine Miss Julia. Miss Julia Takes the Wheel is the 21st installment in the Miss Julia series which began with Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind.

Other new series additions include A Deadly Feast by Lucy Burdette, book nine in the Key West Food Critic Mystery series; Read on Arrival by Nora Page, book two in the Bookmobile Mystery series; and In Want of a Knife by Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli, book three in the Little Library Mystery series.

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