In 2019, U.S. Secretary of State Charlotte Field (Charlize Theron) learns from President Chambers (Bob Odenkirk) that he doesn’t plan on running for re-election. Seeing an opportunity, she convinces him to endorse her as a presidential candidate.

Meanwhile, journalist Fred Flarsky (Seth Rogan) learns that the newspaper he works for has been bought by Parker Wembly (Andy Serkis), a wealthy media mogul of questionable ethics. Furious, he promptly quits. Unemployed, he turns to his successful best friend Lance (O’Shea Jackson Jr.), who takes him to a charity fundraising event for Charlotte. She and Fred recognize each other, as she was his babysitter and secret love interest when they were teenagers. While they catch up, Wembly interrupts them to plan a meeting with Charlotte, leading Fred to condemn Wembly’s actions and beliefs before leaving.

After reading some of Fred’s columns, Charlotte hires him as a speechwriter over the protests of her manager Maggie (June Diane Raphael). Reluctantly, Fred takes the job. At a world summit, Charlotte is forced to revise a speech involving the environment to appease some of her constituents. When Fred objects and calls her out on abandoning her morals, she changes her mind and the speech is a success.

As they spend more time together under the pretext of Fred learning more about Charlotte for his writing, they start to get close. Finally, after surviving a revolution in Buenos Aires, they start an affair. Maggie tries to warn them that the public will never accept them as a couple. Chambers orders Charlotte to remove plans to preserve the trees, as some of his cronies insist. Dressed in disguise, she and Fred hit a local club. Dropping her prim and proper persona, she lets off steam with Fred. A hostage crisis occurs soon after and, despite being inebriated, Charlotte manages to talk the captors down and free the hostage.

Even though the incident increases Charlotte’s approval rating, Chambers is livid when she chooses to ignore his orders. He confronts her in the Oval Office office alongside Wembly, who has a vested interest in removing the trees section of her plan. The two blackmail her with a hacked video from Fred’s webcam of him discussing their relationship with her. She shows Fred the video and informs him that she has agreed to the ultimatum, and that she wants to introduce him and their relationship publicly once his image is cleaned up. Disappointed and not able to change, he refuses and they break up.

Charlotte decides to go ahead and announce her candidacy in 2020. Will she stick to her ethical beliefs? Will she call out the blackmail plan of Wembly and President Chambers? What about Fred? Funny, witty and politically on point. “Long Shot” is worth a look and a laugh!

“Long Shot” is rated R for strong sexual content, language throughout and some drug use.

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