MURRAY — The Department of Global Languages and Theatre Arts at Murray State University will present its annual children’s production of “Tale of the Mouse,” written by Anita Gustafson. 

This first production of Murray State’s 2018–2019 theatre season will be presented to area preschool, elementary and middle school children Sept. 25–28 with a public viewing Saturday, Sept. 29, at 2:30 p.m. in the Robert E. Johnson Theatre. Tickets are $4 per student attending with a school group or $5 for everyone attending the Saturday performance. 

“Tale of the Mouse” is the story of a small mouse who uses her talent for telling stories to show her intelligence and big personality. Based upon four traditional African folktales, incorporating traditional instruments and masks, “Tale of the Mouse” uses the power of storytelling around the fire to bring people together. 

Kynlee Mohler, a freshman theatre major from Dover, Tennessee, will be starring as Mouse. After the numerous rehearsals memorizing lines, blocking stage movements and working with props, she is excited for children to share her joy of the stage — many for the first time. 

“Taking children to the theater opens their eyes to new possibilities and encourages them to use their imaginations,” Mohler said. “Seeing the children’s smiling faces is worth all the hard work we put into the process of creating the play.” 

Just like Mouse, Mohler has big dreams and the motivation to see them through. Because of her experience in this production, Mohler has been able to make connections with not only future employers but lifelong friends. 

“I get the chance to work with some amazing people and build relationships with actors that will rule the stage one day,” Mohler said. 

One of those people is stage manager Raeland Powell, a senior theatre major from Morganfield. In her role, Powell communicates with actors, designers and crew members to ensure children have the best viewing experience. Whether she’s evaluating students’ on-stage safety or ensuring performances run smoothly, Powell always has the audience’s interest at heart. 

“I am excited for children to experience African culture,” Powell said. “Theatre is not only good for the soul but the mind as well.” 

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