PADUCAH – Paducah’s own Dale Bickford plays next Backstage Pass Series at WKCTC’s Clemens Fine Arts Center

Dale & Co. will play the live music series Backstage Pass at West Kentucky Community and Technical College’s Clemens Fine Arts Center (CFAC) Feb. 22 at 7:30 p.m.

Dale is Dale Bickford, who lives and works in Paducah, and performs intimate sets where the music can be “felt” by the listener. He is accompanied by two guest players during his set at the CFAC, which is the “Co.” in Dale & Co. Bickford, currently a solo performer, said the audience is most certainly part of his “company”, too, and he loves performing for them.

“I believe music is a language and I view myself quite simply as a translator or interpreter,” said Bickford. “What I do many people can do and is not to be esteemed as elite or special, in my opinion…I am just a vessel, or as a friend of mine put it: ‘It’s a gift, you don’t own it.’”

Clemens Fine Arts Center Director Todd Birdsong says that the Backstage Pass series is a perfect way to showcase local talent.

“The Backstage Pass series is currently celebrating its 17th year. It’s an intimate, listening room atmosphere that lends itself to many of our local musicians’ styles and music. And having one of Paducah’s own, like Dale, return to the Clemens stage is what the Backstage Pass series is all about,” said Birdsong. “Dale is a seasoned player and songwriter who is currently working on his second full length album and is about to release an upcoming EP. We are fortunate to have him playing in our series.”

Coffee and donuts will be available throughout Bickford’s Backstage Pass concert. The series is supported by WKMS-FM in Murray and Munal’s Donuts located in Paducah.

Tickets are available at or by calling 270-534-3212.