MURRAY — Last week, something happened in the Murray area that had not been possible since the COVID-19 pandemic arrived. 

The Murray-Calloway County Chamber of Commerce was able to officially welcome a business to its community again. A red ribbon was cut and community and business leaders were able to attend.

The occasion was also worth the strong enthusiasm being exhibited as it marked the unveiling of a new events venue, The Barn at White Oaks.

“We haven’t had one of these in months! I’m so excited,” said Chamber President and CEO Michelle Bundren, who had multiple reasons for glee. “As a woman, I love to see other women in business fulfilling a dream and it’s awesome for the other women who own businesses I’m sure to see that dream come true too.

“I can see a ton of weddings, celebrations, reunions and all kinds of parties happening in here.” 

Amy Wyatt, along with husband Austin, are the co-owners of the The Barn at White Oaks, located a little northwest of Murray on Grant Road. Its main feature is the part for which it is named, a large white barn that accounts for 4.200 square feet of space.

 “We can fit quite a few guests in here. We also have a small prep kitchen, some bathrooms, then, when you go upstairs, we have a beautiful bridal suite and a balcony that we hope will get utilized for some really beautiful pictures,” Amy said as she stood with Austin and their young daughter, Kaylee, during last week’s event.

“We also have an outside patio that has plenty of space.”

Amy said she came to Murray seven years ago.

“That was to take an internship position at Murray State and I never dreamed we would be building a venue like this in Murray. We are just an average couple that had a vision for a new business and we’ve been blessed with so many great people to work with,” she said. “There are lots of people in this room today who have helped us with this facility and we’re really, really grateful. 

“One of my favorite things at Murray State was planning events and I would look for places with more space. That’s how I knew there was a need for more places like this. We can have Christmas parties, corporate events … we just want to be a space for this community to use.” n

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