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Debbie Boaz said her Dogville at Peakcock Hill business will help young dogs, like these, have a safe place while learning proper behavior.

ELM GROVE — Debbie Boaz has been a familiar member of the Calloway County Sheriff’s Office for the past nine years. 

She is the one who guides the CCSO bloodhounds when they are seeking to find a missing person or follow the trail of a suspected criminal. That is her job as the K9 handler.

So it probably should come as no surprise that she is seeking to make inroads with a dog-related business. Come next week, her Dogville at Peacock Hill training and boarding facility in Elm Grove will become fully operational.

“It’s kind of been a life-long dream to work with dogs all of the time,” Boaz said of the business that will be centered at her home. “So I built this facility and I’m going to start doing what I love to do.

“My dad was in the Air Force and it was hard back then for us to have a pet. So when he retired, we got our first dog and, other than when I was in college, I’ve had at least one dog ever since. But this gives me a better opportunity, in addition to boarding and training, to help foster and rescue dogs. I already do some of that for the local Humane Society and, of course, with bloodhound rescue groups, but now I’ll be able to do a little bit of training for these dogs to help move them on to someone that will love them.”

She said he believes the fact that she is associated with an agency such as CCSO will give her immediate credibility with prospective customers. 

“I would think so, but it’s also because I’ve got such broad experience. Not only have I taught obedience (since the 1980s), but my dogs (with CCSO) have to be obedient, especially when we’re out in public meeting people,” she said, adding that she recently delved into a new line of dog-related activity that may further enhance her resume – that of show dog trainer. 

“That is with a bloodhound (the breed CCSO uses for its search dogs), but this is the first bloodhound I’ve had just for show,” she said. 

Dogville on Peacock Hill is at 480 Old Newburg Road in the Elm Grove community of Calloway County, about five miles east of Murray.   

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