BENTON – Community Financial Services Bank (CFSB) said it is pleased to announce that Jesse Clark, commercial lender, has successfully completed the Community Banker University’s Certified Commercial Loan Officer Program and has earned the professional designation Certified Commercial Loan Officer – CCLO. Community Banker University, the education division of the Community Bankers of America, offers nine certification programs, which are accredited by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA).

To earn certification, Clark attended the recent ICBA Commercial Lending Institute and successfully completed the certification examinations covering the analytical processes needed to be an effective commercial lender.

When asked about his experience, Clark said he is “thankful for the opportunity for this achievement from ICBA so I can better assist my business clients and our great community! I’m a firm believer in never stop learning and tuning your skills for the betterment of yourself and the people whom you serve.”

“With this CCLO certification, Jesse has demonstrated a mastery of key banking concepts for professional development and to contribute to helping the CFSB achieve its business goals and objectives,” said ICBA Group Executive Vice President Lindsay LaNore. “I commend Jesse on reaching this milestone in pursuit of lifelong learning.”