Gallery X Mental flossing

Odd Bob, right, of the Don't Try This at Home troupe of Paducah, dances while performing some "mental flossing" with a pair of balloons Friday as he and Timmy Gages, who played the part of the Devil, left, engaged in a flossing battle to the tune "Devil Went Down to Georgia" as part of Gallery X's massive grand opening in Murray.

MURRAY — In announcing its arrival in Murray Friday, Gallery X Art Collective decided to take the idea of “going big” to a whole new level. 

Of course, it did the usual things like door prizes, free snacks and food, but also featured the not-so-usual. Then again, it is a tattoo, piercings and fine body jewelry establishment. 

So it tossed into the mix a rock concert, a body suspension display (in which someone is suspended in mid-air from hooks piercing the skin) and what was simply advertised as a “freak show.” This involved performers engaging in such activities as walking on glass, lying on beds of nails and fire-related stunts.

“Yeah, we’re also going to have people run over by stuff. We’re doing all kinds of things,” said Gallery X owner Jay Harvill, who said Friday’s grand opening was meant to be over the top. “We’re trying to make it that way, but what this does is give back to my clients, especially here in Murray. We’ve been in Murray a long time and we have a lot of clients that absolutely love what we do.”

Harvill, who only specializes in body piercings, said he has been involved in this business in the Murray area since 2000. That is about how long tattoo artist/piercer Ryun King has been in this business in Murray as well.

“We’re not new to this area and it’s a fantastic area,” King said. “It’s peaceful, great, really friendly and we wanted to give that vibe to everybody. We wanted to give them that kind of feel, a friendly environment.

“I’ve been ready for this grand opening. We’re probably going to have a few hundred people here today.”  

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