Balentine and Jones

Hardin's Spencer Balentine has partnered with Georgette Jones, the daughter of the late George Jones and Tammy Wynette, to launch a new flavored-whiskey product, Georgette Jones Apple Sin. It comes from Balentine's century-old family recipe and is being distilled by Silent Brigade Distillery in Paducah.

PADUCAH  As the daughter of country music legend George Jones, Georgette Jones is known as the Crown Princess of Country Music.

Now, several years after George’s death, she is becoming known in the whiskey industry, and making history along the way. In 2016, George’s brand won the International SIP Awards gold medal.

Now, in 2021, Georgette’s new brand — Georgette Jones Apple Sin — has won its old gold medal. This marks the first time for a father and daughter to win this prestigious honor.

Georgette Jones Apple Sin is available at its producing distillery, Silent Brigade Distillery in Paducah. Georgette and master distiller Spencer Balentine of Marshall County became partners after learning of each other’s hardships.

Balentine had to find a new distiller home after his Silver Trail Distillery was destroyed in a 2015 explosion in southern Marshall County near Hardin. That resulted in one employee’s death and another being seriously injured. Meanwhile, Georgette was having to deal with the loss of her famous father.

Prior to the explosion, Balentine had partnered with George’s widow, Nancy, to create “White Lightning” label moonshine to release in conjunction with the opening of the George Jones Museum in Nashville, Tennessee.

Georgette is the daughter of George and his former wife, another country legend, Tammy Wynette.  She has followed in her parents’ footsteps, but she is also now pursuing television with CBS preparing to film a series based on her book “The Three of Us.”

In a news release, Balentine said Georgette is excited about the business venture, especially now that her product has won a gold medal at the SIP Awards. This is her first product.

“She is looking forward to incorporating the smooth 72 proof apple with a cinnamon snap finish into her many cooking recipes, and her favorite dessert is Apple Sin ala mode,” he said.

Balentine said the brand is not an expensive tribute offering, but will be marked in a “poolside-friendly” bottle with a baffle cap. The 750ml 72 proof offering is currently available online in 48 states at $26.99 through online seller Barrel Station of Nashville. 

Each bottle is inscribed with “100 Year Old Recipe Hand Crafted to Celebrate Your Comeback.”

In a recent interview, Balentine and Jones said, “If we can inspire one person to make a comeback, or at least try, then the project will be a success.”