MURRAY — Got goats? 

How about chickens, rabbits or birds? 

If so, mark your calendars for Saturday, Aug. 10, because the Tractor Supply Company store in Murray will be hosting an animal swap event and everyone is invited. 

From 8 a.m. until 1 p.m. on Aug. 10, members of the public are invited to stop by the store and engage with other animal lovers while swapping, trading or selling their small animals or livestock.

“As a leading retailer of livestock, animal and pet products, this is an event that speaks directly to the interests and lifestyle of our customers,” said Aaron Tacker, manager of the Murray Tractor Supply. 

“We invite guests to bring everything from goats, chickens, rabbits and ducks to guineas, quail, sheep and more. Even if attendees just want to learn more about owning animals, this event is a great place to start.”

Participating event partners will include: 4-H.

The Murray Tractor Supply store is located at 610 N. 12th Street at the Shoppes of Murray shopping center. Contact the Murray Tractor Supply store at 270-753-5288 for more details.  

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