Red Bug and Foust

Dennis Foust, Kentucky 42nd Judicial Circuit commonwealth’s attorney, far left, is pictured with Red Bug Yarn & Gift owners, from second to left, Trudy McFarlane, Cindy McDaniel, Susan Williams, and Jill McElya.

MURRAY —The 42nd Judicial Circuit Drug Court, staffed by Jeanie Carson and Shelly Groves, is committed to restoring people’s lives with substance abuse issues to clean and sober productive citizens.  Drug Court participants, through personal commitment, as well as involvement in and encouragement from their local communities, gain tools to combat and conquer these issues while at the same time “giving back” to their community for the support they have received.

Local communities are often unaware of the positive contributions of drug court or are misinformed about what drug courts do to help their community.  

May is recognized as National Drug Court month.  The more than 3,000 drug courts across the country are encouraged to educate the community and promote drug court endeavors through community projects or other types of community involvement.  The 42nd Judicial Circuit Drug Court is excited to unveil a project for the year 2019 with the hope that it will become an ongoing endeavor and include members of our community.

The project was conceived from a tragedy in conjunction with a participant’s new-found hobby.   To help fill the void left by drug dependency, crocheting and knitting were suggested to a young mother who is currently a participant in drug court.  She began watching YouTube videos for instruction.  Self-taught, the participant made various items, and people placed orders for several of her projects.  During this same time, a drug court staff member, who works very closely with drug court participants lost her child in Norton’s Children Hospital Neonatal Unit.  The tragedy brought much grief and sadness to the drug court participants due to the love they have for the staff member who lost her child, however, a positive idea resulted.

“Living life on life’s terms” is a mantra that is often used in the self-help community’s meeting halls and is a meaningful philosophy for drug court participants.   Hence, the idea of knitting blankets for the babies in Norton’s Neonatal Unit was conceived.  The participants of the 42nd Judicial Circuit Drug Court became excited about the project and one participant suggested Moral Fiber as the name of the group, which is appropriate for such an endeavor.  Group members will include both drug court participants and members of the community.  

The Moral Fiber project has also been supported by Commonwealth Attorney, Dennis Foust who is providing the initial purchase of supplies for the project along with the four shop owners of Red Bug Yarn & Gift (a local knitting Shop), Jill McElya, Trudy McFarlane, Susan Williams, and Cindy McDaniel, with their willingness for the instructional process. 

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