Each morning, as I drive into town from the east, I pass by Murray Supply Company and notice the same company vehicles. Murray Supply is a favorite of tradesmen because they rely on the goods sold there and the quality of service. When walking in, they are met with sales associates who not only can tell you on what aisle you’ll find what you need, but who are experts in their own right. For example, if you have a plumbing need, the associate over that department is one who has plumbing experience himself. The same goes for the electrical department; a salesman with industry knowledge is always on hand.

A homeowner set on doing projects can go in and speak to a salesperson and be given all pertinent information as well as other options for their project. The staff can even explain the best way to go about the construction. If one is undecided about which fixture to use, a designer is available to assist customers with those options. 

Learning about Murray Supply, I have found that they are focused on one aspect of their business: service. Murray Supply has a deep commitment to giving their customers outstanding service. Owners Larry and Joyce Hurt believe that service is what sets them apart and attributes 64 years in business to that principal. Having knowledgeable staff and seeing the same faces time after time is a welcomed experience. Setting apart their service is, if an emergency arises, they have posted on their front door a salesperson’s name and cell phone number so the store can be opened after hours to assist with those emergencies.

Sometimes when tackling projects, equipment may be needed that isn’t necessarily feasible to invest in and purchase. That’s no problem because next door is their rental department— Murray Rental and Sales. Instead of dolling out the funds to buy equipment that may only be used once or twice, the material can be rented from Murray Rental and Sales. If there’s something not in stock, they can usually obtain what is needed. They are a one-stop shop, and the goal is for their customers to make only one trip rather than several trips for one project. 

A recent lightning strike caused a surge in my home which led to several tradesmen being needed for repair. I appreciated the help I received, but also Murray Supply for having a variety of water heaters in stock. The plumber aiding in my repairs highly recommended Murray Supply which gave me the assurance I was getting a quality product worth my investment. I have no doubt this is just one of the reasons Murray Supply repeatedly wins the vote of No. 1 hardware store in Murray, Kentucky.

Murray Supply Company recently celebrated their 64th Anniversary.  We hope they will be in downtown Murray for many more years!


What’s happening on the square in August and September!

             August 17

Farmers Market—7 a.m.-noon.,   Court Square Car Show — 5-8 p.m., Outdoor Movie “Smokey & the Bandit” 8 p.m.

             August 24

Farmers Market — 7 a.m.-noon. 

             August 31

Farmers Market — 7 a.m.-noon.

            September 6

Murray Ice Cream Festival — 5-9 p.m.

            September 7

   Murray Ice Cream Festival—  11:30 a.m.-5 pm., Farmers Market — 7 am-noon. 

            September 13

Color Between the Wines, 6 p.m.

             September 14

Farmers Market — 7 a.m.-noon, Real Estate Open House —10 a.m.-2 p.m.

             September 21

Farmers Market —  7 a.m.-noon, Outdoor Movie “Back to the Future” — 7 p.m. 

             September 27

Mario Cart Tournament — 7p.m. 

             September 28

Farmers Market — 7 a.m.-noon.

For any information about the above activities, please contact Murray Main Street at 270-759-9474.  

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