FRANKFORT  – Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear on Monday updated Kentuckians on the state’s actions to fight the novel coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19).

Beshear held Monday’s news conference in the Old State Capitol.

“The Old State Capitol helps us to make connections between our past and our future. That is important now more than ever,” Beshear said. “We learn from the past to do better in the future. Watch for more details about the reopening of the historic state Capitol building.”

Beshear and administration officials also provided updates on new guidance for venues, including for weddings and gatherings of 50 or fewer people; preparations for Tuesday’s primary elections, including polling help from plain-clothed Kentucky National Guardsmen; and upgrades being made to help administer unemployment insurance claims.


Case Information

As of 4 p.m. Monday, Beshear said there were at least 13,839 coronavirus cases in Kentucky, 90 of which were newly reported Monday. He also noted Sunday’s number of new cases was revised up by three, to 120 cases.

He reported no new deaths Monday.

“For somebody who has read the names, genders and ages of those we have lost, to have no reportable deaths today is special,” he said. “We are very grateful and blessed that today there is a reprieve from this deadly virus.”

The total number of Kentuckians lost to the virus stands at 526.

At least 3,534 Kentuckians had recovered from the virus. For additional information, including up-to-date lists of positive cases and deaths, as well as breakdowns of coronavirus infections by county, race and ethnicity, click here.


New Guidance for Venues

Beshear and Dr. Steven Stack, Kentucky’s commissioner of public health, spoke about updated guidance beginning next week for many venues, including restaurants and bars. The new guidance also covers wedding venues and gatherings of 50 or fewer people.

“Next Monday, just about everything in the commonwealth will be open, from bars, wedding venues, public pools and even Kentucky Kingdom,” the governor said. “It has been a long road dealing with this virus. But by following medical guidelines we have gone from a time when our cases were doubling every week, to a point where we are safely beginning to reopen businesses and our economy.”

Beginning June 29, people can begin gathering in groups of 50 or fewer people. Adherence to rules on social distancing, mask use and sanitation remains critically important, and people in more vulnerable categories should continue to avoid such gatherings.

“Despite reopening, there are small things we have to do until we get a vaccine or treatment,” Stack said. “Continue to socially distance, wear face masks, wash hands frequently and do temperature screenings at work and places of businesses.”

Stack said using face masks and getting tests are crucial in keeping the virus under wraps.  


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