COVINGTON (KT) – Gov. Andy Beshear visited two regional COVID-19 vaccination clinics on Friday, a day that saw new cases of the coronavirus jump by over a thousand from Thursday.

The governor went to the Kroger regional sites at the Greenwood Mall in Bowling Green and the Northern Kentucky Convention Center in Covington.

In Covington, he noted the pandemic is not quite one year old, as Kentucky saw its first case on March 6, 2020.  “Yet, here we stand, with two effective vaccines and one on the way.  With 550,000 plus Kentuckians having received at least their first dose of the vaccine.  Over 12.5% of our population has been vaccinated.  We are not out of the woods yet, but that is a heck of a start.”

He said the regional centers are part of his plan to bring the vaccine to every part of Kentucky.  “We are committed to an equitable and just roll-out of this vaccine, where you don’t have to spend a whole day trying to drive three or four hours away, just to have the vaccine administered to you.”

Beshear noted the Covington center has made a lot of progress in a short period of time.  “In a little over a week, even with one day postponed, it has already administered more than 2,400 doses of vaccine to Kentuckians.”

He said with an eye to the vaccine allocation increasing to Kentucky, there will be 28 new sites opening next week, raising the total to more than 290 locations across the state.

“If we get that significant supply increase we expect in March and then we expect a very large one as we move into June, depending on when Johnson & Johnson is approved, we don’t want any waiting or any lag time.  No matter how much they give us, we want to be able to get 90% of it people’s arms in just that first week.”