MURRAY – The Calloway County Health Department said Sunday morning it had received notification of another confirmed case of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), bringing the new local total to 90.   

The patient is a resident of Calloway County. The total of confirmed cases for Calloway County now includes 74 cases fully recovered, 13 isolated at home, two hospitalized and one death.  Additional details will not be provided in order to respect their privacy, the health department said.

With a 90th case now declared, Calloway County’s case numbers have risen approximately 31.1% in the last two weeks, with a spike from 62 to 90 since Friday, June 19. The health department announced the 61st and 62nd cases  on June 19, and then announced the next four cases on June 22.

There were seven new cases announced by the health department over the July 4 holiday weekend alone. The department announced the 80th, 81st and 82nd local cases on Thursday, and then followed up with six new cases on Saturday, bringing the total to 89 before Sunday’s latest case.

Director of Nursing Kim Paschall said the rise in cases is unfortunately not surprising with more businesses re-opening and not enough people taking precautions. As many health professionals have continued to do in the last couple of months, she recommended wearing face masks in public and keeping at least six apart from people outside your family to slow the spread of the virus.

“People are out and about, and you see people that aren’t wearing masks and you’ve got some that are, but it’s just to be expected to see the spike with everything reopening,” Paschall said. “I think it will continue to increase as well.”

In addition to wearing masks in public, Paschall said people need to make sure to use good hygiene and wash hands frequently, avoid large crowds and stay socially distant, stay home if you are sick, drink plenty of fluids, exercise good nutrition and get plenty of sleep.

“I think people want to know why the increase (is happening), and mostly, I think it’s because we are reopening,” she said. “More people are getting out and about, there are some clusters at workplaces and there are some clusters from people that have traveled out of state. So it’s just a variety of reasons, and there’s some community spread, so there’s no one particular reason that there’s a spike.”

If you have questions or need additional help, go to , call the state hotline at 1-800-722-5725, call your medical provider, or call the Calloway County Health Department at 270-753-3381. The department’s Facebook page also contains new information.

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