MURRAY — As of Thursday afternoon, the Calloway County Health Department had received notification of three new cases of COVID0-19.  

The patients are residents of Calloway County, the health department said.  

The case count is now at 3,430 cases of the coronavirus that have been confirmed in the county during the pandemic with 3,362 patients having recovered. Nineteen patients were isolated at home and no Calloway patients were hospitalized because of the virus.

There have been 49 deaths of Calloway patients  attributed to the virus during the pandemic.  Additional details will not be released to protect the patients’  privacy.  

Since Murray-Calloway County Hospital (MCCH) performs the majority of COVID testing in the community, the health department will periodically report their latest calculated positivity rate.  MCCH’s latest calculated positivity rate reported was 2.30% and that was as of Thursday.

There is a new process for scheduling for the CFSB Regional Vaccination Site.  Go to and schedule an appointment.  If you have signed up online previously on the health department’s website and have not received your vaccination, you will need to go to the new link and book an appointment.  If you have questions about the new scheduling process or do not have internet access, please call 270-762-1197.