MURRAY — With people 60 and older seen as the age group most at risk from the novel coronavirus COVID-19, adjustments are being made to allow them to have the safest passage possible when they have to leave their homes.

One area at the top of this list is grocery shopping, and local establishments, at the direction of their corporate offices, are falling in line with this idea. One of those, the Murray Walmart, is seeing how this works today by designating 6-7 a.m. as a time specifically for this age group.

“We’ll see how it goes,” said Jonathan Holder, manager for the Murray Walmart of how this is for Tuesdays only for now. “If there is a need for it, I’d imagine (the corporate office) would adjust that to be for more days, but for now, it’s only Tuesdays. I hope it goes well for us.”

On the south end of Murray, the Food Giant supermarket has also taken this step. Manager Dawn Schade said this was enacted last week.

“It was probably last Wednesday,” she said, noting that, like Walmart, this directive came from its corporate office. Food Giant is also going with the same hours of 6-7, but this is for every morning. “I think the idea behind that is this is a time of day where there may not be as many people around and that’s going to make (people 60 and over) feel safer.”

Schade also said that the Murray store, usually open until 10 each night, is now closing at 8.

“That gives us a chance to sanitize all through the store too,” she said. “And we’re sanitizing everything.”

Starting Monday, Kroger stores adjusted hours in the Delta Division that includes the Murray store on North 12th Street. New hours are 7 a.m. until 9 p.m., with shoppers 60 and older, as well as other higher-risk customers, to shop the first few hour of business Mondays through Thursdays.

Save A Lot has also adjusted its hours to stay open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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