CCHS students attend World Language Showcase

 Mrs. Loveless’ Spanish students from Calloway County High School participated in Murray State University’s World Language Showcase on Oct. 4. Spanish 1 students participated in workshops on a variety of cultural topics. They learned German tongue-twisters, played a Mayan ball game, helped make Aztec books, competed in Japanese card games and created bracelets to ward of the “mal de ojo.” Students from Mrs. Loveless’ teaching classes conducted workshops alongside Murray State students to teach the lower level students about different cultural topics. One group of students showed participants how to make cempazuchitl flowers. These are the flowers used to decorate tombs and ofrendas for Día de los Muertos. A second group of high school students collaborated with participants to create a mural of famous Hispanic people in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. Calloway County Spanish students would like to extend their appreciation to Murray State’s Modern Languages Department for all of their hard work in organizing an event that encourages students to continue to learn languages.