Murray Middle School Kentucky Youth Assembly advisor Tommy Shown holds up the Conference Life Award the MMS seventh and eighth grade students received for the 2019 delegation. MMS was recognized for being the one delegation at KYA that embodied the spirit of debate best.

MURRAY – Murray Middle School sent 42 seventh and eighth grade students to attend the Kentucky Youth Assembly in Frankfort with MMS advisors Hope Foster, Heidi Mallory and Tommy Shown. MMS Advisors, Sherri Muehleman and Krista Fielder worked with students during second period, prior to attending. Longtime dedicated MMS advisor, Hope Foster, was inducted into the KYA Advisor Hall of Fame.

Jack Richey, Maya Swartz and Jansen Hays served as the three presiding officer (Po) Candidates). While there, the group represented three bill sponsoring teams with two passing, and one of the highest ranking bills was achieved by MMS. Hays was awarded the gavel on Thursday night of the conference. Canyon Bourque received Outstanding Delegate; Reese Hampton and Madelyn Myers were named Outstanding Speakers, 2019 Delegation Conference Life Award (for being the one delegation at KYA that embodied the spirit of debate best).

MMS students John Outland, Emma Alexander, Reese Hampton and Eve Stark sponsored the Lockdown Bill CW38 (Commonwealth Bill #38).  The group wanted to amend the KRS statute 158.164 to include quarterly lockdown drills (three of the four would need to occur in common areas in the school).  Passed in both the House and Senate chambers at the hotel on Friday and was signed into “youth law” by Governor Conleigh Wilson.

MMS Students Canyon Bourque, Ewin Porter, Jack Podrovitz, and Cejay Riley, sponsored World Religions Bill CW 37, one of the highest ranking bills at the conference, after the ranking debate.  The group presented in the Senate floor and wanted to amend KRS salute 158.197 to include the four major world religions and not simply Christianity.  (Governor Bevin signed KRS 158.into law last year, but the elective course only includes a study of Christianity).  The bill was defeated in the Senate.

Ava Claire Flota, Matthew Ashlock, Kobe Watson, and Tatum Faulkner sponsored Veterans Bill BG34, an act relating funding veterans benefits. The group wanted to create a “round up” system in Kentucky to fund the Kentucky Veterans Program Trust Fund created in 1988.  The bill was passed in both Bluegrass House and Senate chambers in the Capitol Annex and signed into “youth Law” by the Lt. Governor Hanna Christensen.