Murray Elementary  Leprechaun

Murray Elementary first grade students created Leprechaun traps as a science, technology, engineering, math (STEM) project. Students used boxes, paper plates, craft sticks, rocks, paper and paint to design their traps. The students also created a flip grid to describe and verbalize how the Leprechaun trap works. Students discussed and wrote about what would attract and keep the Leprechaun inside the trap, if caught. After studying simple machines, and discussing engineering, along with many science and math vocabulary terms, students designed a version of blue prints for their own invention. Since Leprechauns remain folklore, children will often return to the trap with signs of a Leprechaun visiting, rather than a Leprechaun itself. Gold and chocolate coins and treasurers are typically St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. The children were pleasantly surprised with the items and handwritten notes left by the Leprechaun.