Murray Middle STLP 1

Murray Middle School sent two STLP (Student Technology Leadership Program) groups to the state finals. Project one was “Weekly Two-Minute News,” with Adeline Pitman and Nate Dyer, which is a fun weekly new program for grades 4-8 with book suggestions, new science updates, holidays and things happening around the school. Project two was “You’re Not Alone,” with Maris McMahon, Megg Bryson and Olivia Smee, which is a Google site that provides motivation and laughs to student in middle school as a way to help cope with living through a pandemic. “You’re Not Alone” finished in the top 20 in the state. In addition, a MMS fifth grade team competed in the STLP Digital Product Online Judging in the Minecraft competition where they had to create a Minecraft build, showcasing agriculture and farming as important areas of Kentucky’s economy. The group’s submission qualified for the state finals. Pictured are Megg Bryson, Maris McMahon, Olivia Smee, front row, Nate Dyer and Adeline Pitman.