MURRAY – The following candidates filed between Nov. 4-12 to run in next year’s elections:

• Antonia D. Faulkner (D) – Calloway County Clerk (incumbent)

• James M. (Mike) Tinsley (R) – Calloway County Clerk

• Don Cherry (R) – Magistrate District 3 (incumbent)

• Jeremy Bell – Murray City Council  (incumbent)

• Linda Cherry – Murray City Council  (incumbent)

• John Mark Cherry – Murray City Council (incumbent)

The first day to file was Nov. 3, and the deadline to file is 4 p.m. Friday, Jan. 7, 2022. Earlier filings include the following:

• Nicky Knight (R) – Calloway County Sheriff (incumbent)

• Nikki McMillen-Crouch (D) – Calloway County Property Valuation Administrator (incumbent)

• Ricky Garland (D) – Calloway County Coroner (incumbent)

• Larry Crutcher (R) – District 2 Magistrate (incumbent)

• Danny Williams (D) – Calloway County Sheriff

• Bob Rogers – Murray Mayor (incumbent)

• Clif Darnell – Murray Mayor

• Kenny Imes (R) – Calloway County Judge-Executive (incumbent)

• Paul Rister (R) – Magistrate District 4 (incumbent)

• Ken Claud (D) – Calloway County Jailer (incumbent)

The following candidates filed for state offices with the Kentucky Secretary of State and will be on the ballot in Calloway County:

• Mary Beth Imes (R) – 5th District State Representative (incumbent)

• Shea Nickell – Kentucky Supreme Court Justice, 1st Appellate District (incumbent)

Murray’s city offices and the Kentucky Supreme Court are non-partisan races.

Kentucky has closed party primaries, which means that only members of a particular party may vote in that party's primary elections and must be registered as a member of that party before the end of the prior year. Anyone wishing to vote in the May 17, 2022, primary election is required by Kentucky statute to be registered as a member of the party of their choice on or before Dec. 31, but since the clerk’s office will be closed that day, Calloway County voters need to register by 4:30 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 30.