A fire totaled one of the buildings at Hannigan Motorsports in Midway on U.S. 641 south Monday, causing extensive damage, but no injuries.

The fire, which was reported shortly after noon, brought 14 trucks and approximately 45 firefighters from Calloway County Fire-Rescue, according to CCFR chief Earl Hicks. Firefighters worked to control the spread of the fire, which was fueled by paint and other materials inside the manufacturing building. While they were able to keep the fire from spreading, plumes of heavy toxic smoke drifted to the surrounding areas.

“The fire was contained to inside the building, but we had a lot of smoke billowing out. The Sheriff’s office assisted us by going around to houses west of the fire and asking them to leave and turn ventilation systems off,” Hicks said.

Hannigan Motorsports is a locally-owned manufacturing and sales business by David and Ruth Anne Hannigan. The company, which has been located in Calloway County since 1992 and in business for 35 years, manufactures motorcycle trailers, sidecars and trike kits.

“It’s going to have a big impact,” Ruth Anne Hannigan said. “What we’re mainly losing is all our molds to produce. We are just now getting in there to pull stuff out, so we don’t know at the moment what is salvageable.”

Once the inventory has been completed, employees will set to work producing new molds so they can get back to production. Most of the plugs used to make new molds were stored in another building, something she said would help shorten the recovery timeline. A dormant secondary paint shop will be re-opened as they work to get back up to full production.

While no fire will ever be convenient, Hannigan said this one came at a particularly bad time for the company. As spring approaches, so does the high season for Hannigan Motorsports, bringing a rush of orders.

“Things were just starting to roll around after a depressed time,” she said. “A tough year just got tougher.”

However, she said one customer she talked to already was very understanding about the situation and she expects others will be the same.

Other agencies responding to the fire included the Murray Fire Department, Environmental Protection Agency, Calloway County Emergency Management and the Fire Marshal. Hicks said the scene was cleared at approximately 5 p.m. The Fire Marshal is still investigating the cause but Hicks said he didn’t think it was anything but accidental at this time.

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