HAZEL – The Hazel City Council passed the first reading of its budget for the 2019-20 fiscal year during its monthly meeting Monday. 

For the city’s general fund, total proposed income for Hazel is projected to be $64,950. Proposed expenses for the ’19 - ’20 fiscal year came to a total of $64,948, yielding the city a proposed surplus of $2. For the city’s Municipal Road Aid fund, proposed income through state funding was projected to be $8,500. With projected expenses from that fund totaling $8,450, the city would be left with a $50 surplus in that fund. 

After approving the first reading of the budget, Hazel Mayor John Paschall discussed a few other items of new business with the council. Among those was the removal of a large tree limb over West Gilbert Street in the city. 

“There is a dead tree that is there and the top of the tree has broken,” Paschall said. “All it needs is the right amount of wind to hit it the right way before it falls. It would block the whole road since it is a pretty good-sized limb.” 

Paschall said he had been in talks with someone to handle the removal of the tree for $200. The council voted to move forward with the removal. 

Another item mentioned by Paschall during the Monday meeting was a beautification project through West Kentucky Rural Electric. He said Hazel had applied alongside other small communities in West Kentucky’s service area to participate in a project designed to help communities like Hazel make aesthetic improvements. 

“They are doing some work where they are giving back to communities in the area they serve,” Paschall said. “They are doing beautification and they are finding small areas that they can fix up on their dime. They came over and we looked at the green space near our municipal parking lot.” 

Paschall said he found out Monday that Hazel had not been accepted for the current round of WKREC’s project, but that another community would be chosen for the project in the fall. He said he felt the city should reapply for the project at that time. 

Lastly in new business covered during the monthly meeting, Paschall informed the council that a new business in the form of a Dollar General store would be coming to the Hazel area. While nearby, Paschall noted that the store would not be within the city limits. 

“From the way that everything is looking, we have a Dollar General Store coming into our area,” Paschall said. “I don’t have a specific timeframe, but it is eventually going to happen. I have talked to a couple of people about the project.” 

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