PADUCAH  — With summer upon us and more people participating in outdoor activities, the opportunity for injury increases.  Skin conditions and wounds are prevalent during this time of year due to sun exposure, insect and spider bites and general mishaps that occur outside. Consider these facts

 • Over the past 30 years, more people have had skin cancer than all other cancers combined.

• Mosquitoes transmit several serious diseases, including malaria, dengue, Zika and chikungunya.

• Most spiders in the US are harmless. However, black widow and brown recluse bites are dangerous, and can sometimes be life threatening.

• July is the peak month for burns suffered from barbecue grills and fireworks. Burns of the legs due to motorcycles also increases.


Baptist Health Wound Care wants to keep families safe, happy and healthy this summer by helping you to stay vigilant and taking appropriate action against summer burns, bites and cuts.    Staff and providers use these tips for their own family members:

Remember that sunburns are entirely preventable.  With the appropriate shade, clothing and sunscreen these painful burns don’t have to be a part of your summer.   

Though uncomfortable, most bug bites are harmless and can be avoided with proper insect repellant and protective clothing. However, with the presence of an allergy, some insect bites can result in severe reactions. Chest pain, swelling of the face, turning blue, nausea, cramps, vomiting or having difficulty swallowing or breathing are reasons to seek emergency medical treatment.

A minor cut or scrape will typically heal without medical intervention, but deep puncture wounds are at higher risk for infection. Puncture wounds made by nails, teeth or knives are more susceptible to tetanus as the infectious bacteria is most commonly found in soil, dust, manure and saliva.

To learn more about the services at Baptist Health Wound Care or to schedule an appointment, call 270-575-2414.  

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