PADUCAH  As distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine begins in our area, many patients continue to delay needed medical treatment for chronic illnesses and conditions, including treatment of their wounds. 

The average patient with a wound has three to four chronic conditions. This is a vulnerableW population, with data showing patients suffering from untreated wounds are 20 times more likely to end up in the emergency room or admitted to the hospital, potentially compromising beds for other patients.

Baptist Health Wound Care understands the importance of remaining healthy and safe during these times and takes the necessary precautions to provide a secure place for it patients to receive excellent care. This includes calling patients prior to appointments to check on their status, as well as diligently cleaning and monitoring patient care and waiting areas. 

The hospital continues all deep sanitation and sterilization practices and still screens visitors and staff for COVID-19. Social distancing guidelines remain in place. Providers, staff and patients wear masks.

Wound care is essential and the delayed treatment of wounds can result in poor outcomes.  Baptist Health Wound Care is open five days per week with availability for urgent referrals each day to assist patients with wounds. 

Baptist Health Wound Care sees both chronic and acute open wounds from head to toe; a physician referral is not required.  Call today to schedule an appointment and be on your path to healing.

To learn more about the services at Baptist Health Wound Care or to schedule an appointment, call 270-575-2414.