MURRAY — No urgent needs were seen in the 100 Murray Elementary and Murray Middle School students seen through the Floss and Program dental assessment program.

Leah Smothers, PHRDH, manager of the Floss and Gloss Program associated with the Purchase District Health Department and the Murray Family Resource Youth Service Center (FRYSC), said the MISD was the first district in 2019 that resulted in a “No Urgent Needs.”

The Floss and Gloss program provides preventative dental services in the school setting. The preventative appointment includes a dental assessment, cleaning, fluoride varnish, and sealants when applicable. This program is not designed to replace a regular dentist. The purpose of this program is to provide children with access to dental care. Students receive packets at the beginning of the year and are able to register for services

Morgan Carman, FRYSC MES and MMS director, said the Floss and Gloss program is one of the main focus areas of FRYSC.  “It is important to offer a dental program into our schools to meet the health needs of our students.”.

Carman said it is the role of the FRYSC to remove nonacademic barriers from the lives of students and dental care is one barrier that can often be less of a priority in the lives of some families. “Lack of transportation, lack of dental insurance and other priorities that take precedence are just a few reasons dental care for some of our students is nonexistent.  Floss and Gloss brings the dental office to the school which allows students that may not get dental services and opportunity to do so.”

Floss and Gloss will refer students to a dentist if any urgent or moderate needs are present and resources will be provided to transport students to the dentist. Floss and Gloss is a great resource for us to have in the region.  “They are great partners with our schools and many other districts in the Pennyrile region.”  

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