MURRAY — Murray Pediatrics offers a personalized approach to welcoming expectant parents and new families to the area with an opportunity to meet providers and tour the office. 

That is why Murray Pediatrics offers complimentary “Meet and Greet” sessions for new parents, families new to the area and parents exploring a change in pediatric providers. Information about the practice, routine examinations and immunizations, and many frequently asked questions can be discussed during this time. In addition, it is encouraged for parents to bring a list of any questions they might have. Also, parents are given the opportunity to speak with Jadi McBride, RN, IBCLC, about breastfeeding.

Jadi McBride, RN, IBCLC, board certified lactation consultant and office manager who completed over 1,000 clinic hours and 90 classroom hours to support new mothers trying to breastfeed who may have trouble and grow frustrated.

“Whether new parents have a question about milk supply or latching techniques, or need a full consult, I can always talk to them. Expectant parents can also reach out about touring the office,” Jadi says.

Murray Pediatrics providers include Dr. Heath Cates, Dr. Jackie Milo, Dr. Mackenzie Lowery, Alysha Taylor, PA-C, and Lacy  McKeel, APRN.

For more information on Murray Pediatrics or their services, call 270-759-9223.

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