MURRAY — The history of providing free sports physicals to the student athletes in the Murray and Calloway County school systems goes back many decades. 

It was begun by physicians as a civic service to the citizenry of the community. These exams are a necessity to be able to participate in athletics. 

“We did not want any family or child regardless of their ability to pay to be burdened or treated any differently than any other child due to having to pay for these exams,” said Dr. Robert Hughes, chief medical officer and co-founder of Primary Care Medical Center in Murray in a news release this week. Primary Care Medical Center is offering free sports physicals this year. 

“All of the exams in the past have been comprehensive to meet the standards of the Kentucky high school athletic association that governs athletics in the schools, and they will continue to be so. They have never been intermixed or confused in any way with an annual exam or billable to any family, patient, insurance company, or Medicaid.”

Hughes said that children’s exams which are meant to be annual exams consistent with continuity of care and following the AAP guidelines for exams and immunizations should be continued to be provided by their personal providers. 

“Consistent with this proud history, the physicians and clinical providers at Primary Care Medical Center will continue this service of providing free sports physicals to the athletes at the two school systems,” he said. “This will save the families money and it will honor the proud tradition of physicians and clinicians giving back to the community and honoring those in the past that began this program.”

No appointment will be necessary, and the exams will be coordinated through the athletic departments at the two school systems two Saturdays in June. Primary Care Medical Center will bear the cost of providing this service and no one or any insurance company will be billed,” he said. 

There will be no co-pays since it is truly free and done as a public service. 

Comprehensive annual wellness and routine check-up exams consistent with AAP Guidelines and are not sports physicals will continue to be provided both during the center’s routine and extended hours. 

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