Popeye honored at Spring Creek

Pictured from left are JoAnna Thomas, activities director of Spring Creek Health Care and Rehab Center, and Gillard Popeye Ross.

MURRAY — Throughout Spring Creek Health Care the name “Popeye” is well known. He is a man many have admired for years.  From the employees to the residents, everyone loves Popeye’s positive outlook and smiling face.

He volunteered for more than 16 years at Spring Creek and continued to volunteer until he was 96 years old. He started volunteering on 3West and then became the Ambassador in 2006. Now a resident at Spring Creek Health Care for nearly two years, he continues to care for others. While I was speaking with Popeye, he stopped one of the employees and went to his room to give her another stuffed animal for her daughter. His heart is genuine and caring.

“I loved when I volunteered to meet different people and cheer them up, people out here need to be cheered up,” said Popeye.

Gillard “Popeye” Ross will celebrate his 101st birthday on April 12th. I asked him the secret to a long life and he said, “Just live a Christian life and if you want to live to a ripe old age you need to go by what the bible says and honor your mother and father.”

He also said he probably inherited some good genes from his parents who lived into their late 70’s and early 80’s.

Popeye was married to his wife Gretchel for 60 years until she passed in 2006. They have a son and a daughter, three grandchildren, and two great grandchildren. He owned and operated Ross Standard Service Station for 46 years on 15th and Main in Murray.

We asked Popeye at 101 what he thought had been the biggest change. He said the most memorable invention in his lifetime was when penicillin went on the market during the wartime and how it changed the medical profession. 

Popeye has enjoyed cheering on the RACERS and now as a resident looks forward to the activities planned at Spring Creek including special music, bingo, and games they play. He said he knows so many of the employees from volunteering its’ like being with family.

For more information on volunteering at Spring Creek or finding out more about long-term care and rehab services, call 270-752-2900 or visit www.springcreekhealthcare.org.  


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