Vincent MCCH Employee of the Month

Jerry Penner, CEO of Murray-Calloway County Hospital, left, is pictured with David Vincent, RN, MCCH May Employee of the Month. 

MURRAY — Murray-Calloway County Hospital recently named David Vincent as the May 2019 Employee of the Month. Vincent is a Registered Nurse in the Critical Care Unit at MCCH. Vincent is also a Nursing Supervisor. He has been with MCCH for two and a half years. 

David’s co-workers shared these comments: 

“As a nurse in CCU, Davey was quickly entrusted with being charge nurse. He often responds to Code CATs and Code BLUEs whether he is acting as charge nurse or not. He is trained in and assists all units with IV’s using the ultrasound when needed. Davey is called upon as a resource nurse for skills and knowledge by nurses on all units, and is known and trusted by the physicians. When census is low in CCU, Davey will voluntarily go down to the ED and assist the staff there when they are busy. As nursing supervisor, Davey again assists on all units including the ED as he is able. He comes in extra for both the CCU and nursing supervisor positions when needed. He is proactive in the betterment of MCCH by bringing issues and possible solutions to the attention of his managers both in CCU and as supervisor. Nursing is his passion and MCCH is his home, and he proves this every shift he works.”   


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