Meeting Racer One

Abigail Kelley, a senior at Murray High School, meets the legendary Racer One during Murray State University's Admitted Student Weekend festivities Saturday.

MURRAY – Student and parent impressions from Murray State University’s first-ever Admitted Student Weekend painted a positive picture for the effort to boost enrollment.

More than 800 future Racers plus their families made the trip to town over the weekend to familiarize themselves with Murray State and all it has to offer. From campus tours to discussions with professors and academic open houses, the university was packed Friday and Saturday afternoon.

They say first impressions are everything, and it would appear quite a few guests were more than impressed.

“I love it here,” said incoming freshman and aspiring veterinary medicine major Lindsey Trafford from Arlington Heights, Illinois. “I was at an open house at the veterinary college at UI (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign) and a girl mentioned this place, so I looked it up. I came and checked it out and i absolutely loved it.”

Her mother, Nancy, said she loves the atmosphere at Murray State and the town as a whole.

“It just seems like a very friendly kind of place,” she said. “It’s a walkable campus; it’s small, but not too small. We went to Michigan State and we were just exhausted after walking around.”

Lindsey said one of her major interests would have to be horses, which aligns perfectly with the university whose alum just took home the Triple Crown.

“The state is all about horses and I love that,” Lindsey said.

“We’ve always liked it here,” Nancy said. “We visit here often and this was one of our first choices.”

Incoming math major and accounting minor Kenny Poklis and his mom, Judy, came all the way from the St. Louis metropolitan area to check out Kenny’s new school.

“I really dig it,” Kenny said. “I’m definitely going here next year.”

Like Trafford, Poklis first heard about Murray State while at a college event. He met an admissions rep at a college fair at Webster University, where he said he “got a feel” for the school.

Just like Trafford, he fell in love with the place. 

“I realized it was a good school, so I came and visited, and I really like it here,” Poklis said.

This weekend, he registered for summer orientation and met with some professors.

Judy said the university’s small and streamlined environment was a big plus for her.

“It looks like a tight-knit community,” Judy said. “I like the fact that it’s smaller. Teachers will know the students and students will know the teachers; we won’t just be a number.” 

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