Calloway life expectancy

Susan Burkeen, a registered nurse with Murray-Calloway County Hospital, checks the blood pressure of Pete Clayton Jr. during the recent Grace & Glory: Time of Your Life Health Fair at the Calloway County Public Library in Murray. A life expectancy study this week showed that the county is tied with several others for second in Kentucky with a life expectancy of 78 years.

A few months after learning that a Wisconsin group that measures health and wellness for Kentucky county-by-county showed Calloway County experiencing a slip, a new study from the same group shows the county quite strong in another area.

Back in March, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation of the University of Wisconsin ranked Calloway 17th overall in the Bluegrass, which marked a sizable drop from previous years, where Calloway had ranked in the top 10. However, news that a study resulting from the combined efforts of the Johnson Foundation and Virginia Commonwealth University released this week showed that Calloway was tied for No. 2 when it came to life expectancy in Kentucky seemed to cushion the blow from March.

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