MAYFIELD – West Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation will join the nationwide celebration of Lineworker Appreciation Day today, April 12.

“Lineworker” is listed as one of the top 10 most dangerous jobs in the U.S. WKRECC’s 24 lineworkers perform complex, detailed tasks near high-voltage power lines, high overhead, wearing 30+ pounds of gear. They work at all times of the day and night and in the worst weather conditions.

“Being a lineworker is not a glamorous or easy profession,” said WKRECC Vice President of Operations Michael Evans. “It takes years of specialized training, ongoing education, dedication, and equally important, a sense of service and commitment. How else can you explain the willingness to leave the comfort of your home to tackle a challenging job in difficult conditions, when most are sheltered at home? This dedication and sense of service to the community is truly what sets them apart.”

“We truly appreciate everything our lineworkers do in service to our cooperative and its members,” said WKRECC President & CEO David Smart.

“And as we recognize our lineworkers, it’s important to note there is an entire team of highly skilled professionals working behind the scenes to ensure WKRECC delivers reliable, affordable electricity to the 31,000 homes, farms and businesses we serve. Without them, our lineworkers wouldn’t be able to ‘bring the light’ to our community.”