Election Board

Calloway County Board of Election member Bill Cowan, left, Sheriff Sam Steger, center, and board member Melisa Stark examine one of the voting machines during the certification process Wednesday morning. Calloway County Clerk Antonia Faulkner is shown surveying the action from the background.

MURRAY — Calloway County Clerk Antonia Faulkner said Wednesday that even she is having problems believing that an election is on the very near horizon.

“It’s been too quiet around here,” Faulkner said as she and her fellow members of the Calloway County Board of Elections gathered Wednesday morning for their customary meeting to discuss final details and certify the voting machines that will be used in general election that will send voters to the polls on Nov. 5.

The big prize local voters will decide that day will Kentucky governor, along with all constitutional offices, including lieutenant governor, secretary of state, attorney general, agriculture commissioner, treasurer and auditor of public accounts.

“I was just talking to a lady the other day about this, and she agreed that not much is happening this year. Then she told me why. ‘I haven’t seen any signs,’ she said,” Faulkner said.

However, things are about to get considerably more busy as the stretch has arrived, and it starts Friday.

“Absentee voting opens Friday. We’ll be open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and that will be Mondays through Fridays up to Nov. 4,” Faulkner said of this form of voting that can be utilized in two ways. “They can come to the courthouse and use the machine we have in the clerk’s office (second floor of the courthouse) or they can use a mail-in ballot and that has a cut-off day about seven days before the election, simply because of timing. You can’t be trying that the day before an election.”

Faulkner emphasizes that absentee voting is open to any registered voter in Calloway County who will not be in the county on Nov. 5, and knows that ahead of election day.

In addition, the makeup day for election school, which is mandatory for all election precinct workers in the county, will be at 1 p.m. today in the clerk’s office. Faulkner said the first session of election school resulted in a turnout of about 70 percent two weeks ago.

“And that’s about an average turnout for that,” she said. “Jeremy Harmon of the Harp firm (of Danville) was here once again and did a great job of explaining things. (Assistant Calloway County Attorney) David Perlow was also there to swear everybody in, along with telling them what to do and what not to do, and that’s important because you can break the law if you’re not careful.”

Machines for all 23 precincts in the county, including precincts in both Murray and Hazel, were certified Wednesday. This came after Harp personnel examined the machines, which included testing them to see how they performed in a number of different scenarios that were designed to simulate problematic situations that could arise on election day.

Those machines are now ready for use.

Also, while the registration cutoff date for the November general election has already come and gone, Faulkner emphasized that registering to vote for the 2020 election season is very much available. Anyone wishing to register to vote in Calloway County can do so online via the Kentucky Secretary of State’s office by visiting  GoVoteKY.com or by visiting the clerk’s office.