MURRAY — Streets in Murray that have not been resurfaced in more than 40 years are on the list for paving jobs this fall. 

City of Murray Streets and Solid Waste Manager Ron Allbritten said those streets are also part of a continued stepping up of paving jobs in the city. During last week’s meeting of the Murray City Council, Allbritten reported that 27,800 feet, or 5.26 miles, of streets, mainly in the south end of the city, are scheduled for paving this fall. 

That, combined with what has already been handled in spring paving operations, will mean the city will have had nearly 10 miles of streets paved during the 2019 calendar year. 

“Most of these are going to be between Sycamore (Street) and Glendale (Road) and in checking on these, the last time they were paved was 1987. That’s 42 years,” Allbritten said, adding that streets paved earlier this year had also gone a long time without a resurface. 

“The ones I’m talking about for the spring, it had been about 30 years since they were resurfaced, so we may have made a significant impact in (resurfacing) on a lot of these streets.”

The fall list of streets scheduled for resurfacing includes: 

• Cardinal Drive from Shady Lane to South 16th Street.

• Dudley Drive from Whitnell Avenue to South 16th. 

• Henry Street from Sunny Lane to South 16th.

• Story Avenue from South 12th Street to South 16th. 

• Kirkwood Drive from Glendale Road to South 16th. 

• South 13th Street from Sycamore to Story. 

• Whitnell from Sycamore to Glendale.

• Stone Ridge from cul-de-sac to Cardinal. 

• Meadow Lane from Sycamore to Kirkwood.

• Sunny Lane from Johnson Boulevard to Dudley.

• Parklane Drive from Glendale to South 16th. 

• Oak Street from Meadow Lane to Henry. 

• Hillwood Drive from Southwood Drive to the dead end. 

• East Frontage Road from Southwood to North End. 

“Just to give you an update on what we’ve done, our resurfacing program in the spring finished off the area between North 16th and North 18th Street and College Farm Road and Main Street. All of those streets have been resurfaced in the last three or four years,” he said. “We’ve also started another section in the city between South 16th and Doran Road between Sycamore and basically Glendale and those are the ones most on the list for the fall.

“Also, when you look at East Frontage Road up in the Northwood area, once we take care of that and Hillwood, that will take care of all of the streets on that end of town.”

The past two years have been very busy for Allbritten and his team. During the 2018 calendar year, he said, paving projects skyrocketed to 8.8 miles after languishing at about two miles a year for quite a few years. Allbritten declared the increase in activity to be “historic” last year when he gave similar updates to the council. 

The 2019 figures are even higher, and will be coming at a less expensive rate than last year. Although paving materials cost $80 a ton in 2018, they are down to $68 a ton this year. 

“That is due to the competitive bidding process,” he said, referring to how the city’s paving contract went to the Rogers group, a national firm, based in Hopkinsville, whose $584,169 bid was approved by the council in late July.

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