I have already written an app of the week column about the music streaming service Spotify. While I have gone into a lot of detail about what the app has to offer all around, I wanted to concentrate on a specific feature I have really enjoyed seeing this year. 

That is the Spotify Wrapped feature, which is a way to see all the different music you have listened to throughout the course of the year. As I mentioned in other columns, 2018 has not been the easiest year of my life, as I have been dealing with a lot of depression and anxiety stemming from a series of changes that have taken place. 

As I am sure is the case for many of us, music is one of those forms of media that I retreat to in order to find some manner of comfort of peace. And I have sincerely enjoyed getting to take a look at the different artists and songs that I have played throughout these pretty trying 365 days. 

If you have the app, all you have to do is go to spotifywrapped.com, and I am fairly certain this feature will only work for premium users. My results weren’t all that surprising, as I have avoided a lot of music that would remind me of the relationships that had ended this year, as well as any that would remind me of my friend who passed away in July. 

The breakdown is divided into a bunch of categories, with an overall report card. There are nine categories, and the first is, fittingly enough, “firsts.” This year, I began 2018 by listening to the song “Yamborghini High” by the hip-hop collective known as A$AP Mob, and the first new artists I discovered was Future. 

The second category on the app plays a little quiz with you and asks you to guess how many minutes of music you listened to this year. My options were 25,896; 31,298 or 21,236. As it happens, I listened to 31,298 minutes worth of music this year, and that really wasn’t all that surprising either. 

The next category tells you the top artist you listened to in the year. Again, unsurprising to me but perhaps more surprising to those who might assume my musical tastes, my top artist for this year was the genre-bending hip-hop artist Post Malone. I can’t say anything about the guy other than the music he makes really lifts my spirits and puts me in a good mood. And that is something I have needed a lot this year.

My “Top Charts” selection was also pretty all over the place, but as it seemed to be the trend this year, there were a lot of hip-hop artists in my top artists spot. The top five artists I listened to this year were Post Malone, Danny Brown, A$AP Ferg, Snail Mail and Odesza. It also lists the top songs and top genres. This year my top genres were indie, rock, pop, hip-hop and dance/electronic. So it was a pretty eclectic year filled with plenty of songs about heartbreak. 

There is also a neat feature that will let you know the oldest song you listened to this year. For me, that was “Louisiana Man” which was recorded in 1955 by Rusty & Doug Kershaw. Even classic country made it into my mix this year. 

One of my favorite features, and the last I will mention in this article, is the playlist Spotify makes for you out of all the music you listened to this year. It selects the top 100 songs and throws them on a playlist that you can share with your friends if you should feel so inclined. 

I sat listening to this the other night, and there are songs on there that I remember listening to at the beginning of the year. It has been an interesting experience to sit and sift through all of these tunes and remember what I was going through when I had that particular song on repeat. 

While the metrics and stats the year-end wrap up provides are very interesting and fun, for me it has almost been therapeutic. This has been such a long year, and going back and reminiscing about how things have played out, and more importantly how I have handled those events, has left me feeling very confident for the year to come. 

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