My roommate was telling me the other day about an offer through the streaming music service Spotify, wherein premium users could be treated to a Google Home Mini should they sign up. 

This week, a package arrived for him in the mail with his new smart speaker. He was telling me about the deal, and that it is being offered to anyone who is paying for Spotify’s streaming service. 

The offer also seems to be a temptation for new subscribers to the premium service as well. An article on Business Insider said that a similar promotion was done last year. Signing up is simple enough – you go to Spotify, log in with your information, agree to some terms of service, pick what color smart speaker you would like, and voila, you will have a new Google Home Mini that will arrive to your home in a few days. 

But nothing is ever ENTIRELY free, and there are some conditions you have to agree to with Google before you can get your fancy new speaker. First and foremost, you will be allowing Google to see what type of Spotify subscription you have, as well as the public playlists you’ve created.

Google will also be able to view the activity on your Spotify profile, including what artists you are listening to, playlists you have made, people you follow, etc. And while that is pretty invasive, but normal for a big data company like Google, it’s the following conditions that really give me pause:

“Take actions on your behalf in Spotify,” means that you will be agreeing to allow Google to add and remove items in your library, manage who you follow on Spotify, stream and control Spotify on your other devices, and personalize your radio stations.

So, it is safe to say I will at the very least be looking into the option before the deal expires on Nov. 15, or until supplies run out. I don’t necessarily need a new smart speaker, but it might make for a handy stocking stuffer for Christmastime. 

With that said, I am a little bit wary of allowing a big corporate entity like Google to add or remove items in my library, or manage who I can follow within the app. It makes me wonder what content they might not let me see that I otherwise would, and why they wouldn’t want me to see it. 

But it should be noted that the agreement says this access can be removed at any time. 

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