MURRAY - Calloway Circuit Court Clerk Linda Avery said on Tuesday that her office is still issuing drivers’ licenses and assures that she will receive at least four weeks’ notice of when she will no longer be allowed to issue them.

Avery said that she has not been told whether or not Murray will get its own regional office, “but, if we don’t get a regional office, then a popup will come to our county a couple of times a year; and we can still renew online or by mail. It’s not as bad as it seems.”

Special popup offices deemed “Temporary Disaster Relief Locations” have been set up in Graves County, Kenlake Resort State Park, Kentucky Dam Village State Park and Lake Barkley Resort State Park to assist victims of the Dec. 10 tornadoes.

Chuck Wolfe, a spokesman for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, said, “They were primarily set up with the disaster victims in mind, but anybody – if they are able to get in – can go in and get service.”

Avery advised that she is also able to issue ID’s for residents of Graves County who have been displaced by the storms. “We issue a duplicate license, which is the same as they had (before), and we don’t charge for (them) that.”

By executive order, Governor Andy Beshear waived replacement/renewal fees for disaster victims; however, Wolfe noted fees may apply for services other than replacing a lost ID and people living in counties unaffected by the storms will have to pay the required fees

According to Wolfe, “We use the term replacement/renewal because some of them will have been near their expiration anyway. … If you lost your license and you’re within six months of when it had to be renewed anyway, they would make that a renewal. … The effect is the same, they lost their license and they need to get a replacement.”

Wolfe said that any license within six months of expiration will be renewed, not replaced. “Let’s say your license has one month to go. They wouldn’t give you a license that expires in a month; they would go ahead and give you a renewal, but you’ve got to be within six months of your expiration.”

Regional offices and temporary popup office locations can be found on KYTC’s website ( The website also provides a link to sign up for notifications about popup locations.