MURRAY — It may seem a little strange, but the 2020 spring brush pickup for Murray residents is happening in September.

City of Murray Mayor Bob Rogers announced during Thursday night’s meeting of the Murray City Council that this operation, usually completed by sometime in early May, was scheduled to begin Monday. It is not known how long this operation will take to complete.

Rogers said, as has been the case in the past, the city’s website — — will allow residents to be able to follow the progress of the pickup with a map. The map is color coded to show where the pickup crew is day-to-day, as well as when pickup operations have concluded in a certain part of the city.

The city is separated into sections:

• Section 1 includes residents between North 16th Street and North 12th Street (U.S 641) in the far-northern part of the city. which includes the main campus area of Murray State University.

• Section 2 includes residents east of North 12th and north of Main Street (KY 94) in the northeastern part of the city.

• Section 3 covers residents east of South 12th and south of Main in southeastern areas of the city.

• Section 4 is the smallest area, between South 16th and South 12th and south of Main. However, this is the area that City of Murray Street and Solid Waste Manager Ron Allbritten said traditionally supplies the heaviest amounts of material, due to there being an abundance of trees and other vegetation.

• Section 5 is for residents south of Main and west of South 16th.

This is only for residents within the Murray city limits. Plant roots are not allowable because they can damage the chipper used to grind the materials collected. Rocks are also not allowed, as well as what is considered “square wood,” which includes plywood and 2x4s and 2x6s.

“Round wood” is allowed, and that describes limbs and branches that come from trees. It is strongly suggested that materials be left in stacks at the front edge of yards, not in storm drains. Also, wood pieces need to, whenever possible, be limited to 6 feet in length and 6 inches in width.

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