MURRAY — The tornado warning sirens in Murray and Hazel and on the Murray State University campus will be tested at about 9 a.m. Friday.  

Calloway County Emergency Management Director Bill Call said that, while this will involve actually hearing the sirens, there will be no cause for alarm. This is only a test.  

Call said that the test It is being conducted to make sure that the sirens are working properly.

He said the sirens on the Murray State campus will be tested first. These are distinguishable from the other sirens in Murray and Calloway County in that they produce a tone, as well as a spoken announcement.  

The sirens for Murray and Hazel will be tested after the Murray State system test. Call said the first sounding would be a wavering siren, which is the “alert” or “warning” sound. It will be followed by a steady sound which is the “all clear.”  

The sirens are sounded whenever the National Weather Service issues a tornado warning that includes Calloway County. These tests will allow officials to more accurately determine the proper functioning of each siren, which is difficult to do under actual threat conditions, Call said. The sirens are tested once each quarter.

If threatening severe weather conditions happen to exist Friday morning, the tests will be postponed, he said. At this time no such weather conditions are in the forecast. 

Tornadoes are possible in the Murray-Calloway County area any time of the year, and historically the months of April through June mark the peak season. It is wise to be prepared to be able to receive warning messages, Call said, and to have a plan on how to react if one is heard.  

The warning sirens are designed to warn persons who are outside that they should seek shelter and tune into a news source, although they also are audible from inside some buildings that might be within a close distance. It is also recommended that persons should have a NOAA weather radio receiver, to be able to hear warnings while inside a building; and to sign up for the CodeRED automated weather warning phone calls at or phone 270-753-2920 and request to be added to the CodeRED list.  

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