MURRAY — During its monthly meeting Thursday, the Calloway County Board of Education looked at various facilities projects that will be tackled in the summer months while students are out of session. 

Among those will be the repaving of both the North Calloway and East Calloway Elementary parking lots. Calloway County Superintendent Tres Settle told the board Thursday that the bids were divided into tackling each parking lot as individual projects, as well as doing both parking lots as a single project. 

“I had requested permission from the board back in March or so to seek bids for paving the parking lots and North and East Elementary,” Settle said. “The way we bid that is doing each one individually or doing both together to see if we could get a break on cost. There is about a $6,500 break if we do both projects together.” 

The cost for tackling both projects at once came to around $155,000, with Settle explaining that the district had some $400,000 on hand for asphalt and resurfacing projects. 

“We had committed funds aside a few years back for parking lot restoration,” Settle said. “We have around $400,000 committed for asphalt restoration and reseal and repaint. I just need your guidance as a board on how you would like to proceed. Would you like to do one this year or would you like to go ahead and do both?” 

The board moved to take on both resurfacing projects at the same time. 

“I would like to do both and save $6,500 because they both need it,” said board member LeAnn Myers. 

Another project discussed was mentioned during Settle’s report and involved the replacement of the gym floor at Calloway County Middle School. Settle said the work on that project was currently underway. 

“Larry Martin from Martin Flooring came over today and has begun work on the middle school gym floor restoration,” Settle said. “I want to thank (CCMS Principal) Amy Turner and her staff but the middle school gym has been painted and it looks incredible. Hopefully when you look in there in August, you will see a totally different facility.” 

Settle also said that he had a recent meeting with Murray State University President Dr. Bob Jackson to talk about how the university might be of aid to the local school districts. 

“Dr. Jackson just wanted to extend his hand for anything we need in Calloway County Schools,” Settle said. “He said he wanted to get with the local superintendents and ask if (the university) could be a resource in any way. I talked to him about our Gifted and Talented program a little bit, if there is anything we can do for those students. We also mentioned some possible expansions in dual credit at the high school. 

“We had a really good conversation and I was appreciative that he thought enough to invite me over and extend that.” 

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