MURRAY — Calloway County Schools said Wednesday that no credible threat was determined to have been present after a student reported possibly hearing another student say the word “bomb” on a bus that morning. 

In a news release, Calloway County Schools said that once the information was received about what the student had apparently heard, the bus was searched and all personal belongings were checked. The Calloway County Sheriff’s Office and Kentucky State Police both responded to the scene and assisted with the search. 

“It wasn’t really so much of a threat as it was a comment, we think,” said Calloway Sheriff Sam Steger. “However, being that we didn’t understand the context of the statement at that time, and in the name of being as safe as possible, we went ahead and made a search and we found nothing in the way of explosives, a bomb or anything like that.

“Nobody else reported hearing the comment, so we let them go.”

Calloway County Schools went on to say that all of the students reached their classes and were safe.

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