MURRAY  — Calloway County is continuing to hold its third-place position in the Purchase Area when it comes to the percentage of residents who have participated in the 2020 United States Census, but it is by a very small margin.

In the latest figures obtained from the Census organization Wednesday, Calloway has had 65.5% of its residents respond. This is only .5% ahead of fourth-place Marshall County and a full point ahead of fifth-place Carlisle County. Calloway has exceeded its 2010 total of 63.6.

McCracken County, as has been the case since the beginning of this year’s Census, continues to lead the Purchase with 71% of its residents having responded and that matches its 2010 participation. Graves County stayed second at 68.5.

Meanwhile, residents of the city of Murray have responded at a 62.9% clip, which is a little more than 3% behind 2010 numbers. Benton is the city with the best participation so far in the Purchase at 73%, while Paducah is at 67.9 and Mayfield is at 63.7. All of those cities are behind 2010 levels.

Time is rapidly running short on this year’s quest to determine how many people reside in the United States. In late July, it was announced that the count will end on Sept. 30. Door-to-door attempts to contact residents have been utilized for several weeks.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous government leaders are stressing the importance of citizens being counted. Locally, both Calloway County Judge-Executive Kenny Imes and City of Murray Mayor Bob Rogers have frequently expressed this idea when it comes to how federal funds are presented for programs that can help citizens. Many times, Imes and Rogers have said, these awards are determined by the Census count.

That has also been the message from Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear, but, after a strong start, it appears the Bluegrass State’s activity has experienced a drop. Wednesday’s figures show that Kentucky’s 67.4 now ranks 19th in the nation for Census participation after it seemed poised to crack the top 10 in June. 

Minnesota, which has led the national race from the start, remains No. 1 with 74.3% of its residents having participated. That is about three points ahead of Wisconsin and Washington, who were tied for second with 71.5. That performance marks an improvement of about 4% for Washington.

Illinois leads Kentucky’s border states at 70.1, while Virginia is at 70. Ohio is at 69.6. Kentucky does lead its other neighbors, with Tennessee at 64.8 and Missouri at 65. North Carolina was at 61.5 and West Virginia is responding at a 55.8 clip.

There is still time to participate in the 2020 Census by going online at

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